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Unreasonable Waits for Physiotherapists.

Up to 176 days for an appointment!

According to Galway Bay FM patients at Galway's hospital wait an average of 176 days for an appointment with a physiotherapist. Even urgent cases may face waits of up to 20 days. These long waits mean that a patient's condition could worsen, leading to greater discomfort and even hospitalization. Early treatment is key to preventing conditions from worsening so the need for timely access to healthcare is vitally important.
There is a huge shortage of available appointments with physiotherapists in Ireland, and yet each year students graduating with physiotherapy degrees face a difficult job market. According to an article by the Irish Independent the ratio of physiotherapists in Ireland is 0.52 therapists to 1,000 population. Other nations have a much higher ratio, like Finland, which has 2.82 physiotherapists to every 1,000 people. The president of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists also reported that 7 out of 10 Irish physiotherapy graduates do not work in the field and many emigrate. 
It is this environment that Click Clinic wants to fix. Patients should not be waiting months for care, while physiotherapists should not be facing such a difficult job market. We're trying to revolutionise how health care services are provided and make "easy access" the globally accepted way of providing these services. Click Clinic brings the Health Care Professional to the person in need, like a "Hailo for Healthcare". We also allow clients access to last-minute appointments in high quality, local clinics.  
No more unreasonable waits for patients to receive care from a physiotherapist!
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