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Minister Makes Monumental Decision to Protect the Title of Physiotherapist

In a previous Dublin physiotherapist blog, we covered some of the differences between physiotherapists and physical therapists. This has been a huge issue all across Ireland, as the law did not protect either term. It made it difficult for the general public to know what training a practitioner had, and it also caused confusion in the medical community, as individuals could choose to use a title, even if they hadn’t gone through the necessary training. This was one reason why choosing a chartered physiotherapist is so essential- because only those who met the organisation’s strict criteria could include the term “chartered.”

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar is Protecting Both Titles: Physiotherapist and Physical Therapist

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) has been petitioning for this protection for quite some time, despite the fact that most of the rest of the world already has this protection in place. Some 90 years since the group first requested protection, it will now come to fruition under 95(3) of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act of 2005.

The Decision will Eliminate Confusion and Give the Public Confidence

In a recent press release, ISCP President Jill Long explained:

“Patients seeking treatment will have total confidence that the physiotherapist or physical therapist who treats them will be a state registered practitioner practicing at the level required by the State. Other than the registered practitioners no one else will be legally allowed use either of these two titles. There was huge confusion amongst the public with the majority not knowing the difference between the two titles so we are now very satisfied that the ensuing risk to public safety is no more and Ireland has the exactsame standing here as the rest of the World.”

Soon, Only Those with a BSc in Physiotherapy will Be Able to Use Either Term

The new regulation also means that only people who have attended proper schooling to receive a BSc in physiotherapy will be able to use the title of physiotherapist or physical therapist. Those who attended a physical therapy college will be given a period of time to complete the additional schooling necessary to bring themselves up to the level of a physio. However, they will still be restricted to the musculoskeletal field, even after they receive additional training. In other words, those who are unqualified will lose the ability to use either title, which makes it much easier for the public to determine whether their practitioner has the skills necessary to provide proper care.

You Should Still Look for a Chartered Physiotherapist

If you need a Dublin physiotherapist’s help, it’s still essential to select someone who uses the term “chartered” before his or her credentials. Those with lesser qualifications may still be using the physio name for some time, as a final date for the grace period has not yet been set.

At Click Clinic, we have always had high standards, and only provide the services of chartered physiotherapists- specialists who will now have their titles protected under the law. To schedule an in-home appointment with one of our professionals, please visit our booking page.

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