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5 Tips for Easing Back Pain

Easy strategies for real relief

Almost everyone has suffered from back pain at some point in their life. The deep ache and uncomfortable feeling haunts many people daily. Instead of just icing your back and resting, we've compiled 5 tips for easing your back pain that have been proven effective and can deliver true relief. 
1. Low-Impact Exercise
If you suffer from back pain, simply resting will not help. When you rest your muscles weaken which could lead to continued or worsening pain. What you should be doing is strengthening your muscles through gentle exercise. Begin with easy stretches that improve flexibility and strengthen muscles. Next go for an easy walk at a comfortable pace, increase your energy if your back feels good. Swimming is another great low-impact exercise that can help to relieve back pain.
2. Sleep
A good nights sleep helps to repair muscle strain. Restive sleep allows the body to heal and can offer relief from back pain, so that when you wake you feel refreshed and pain-free. In many ways a good nights sleep begins with the right bed. Putting a pillow between your knees or under your hips might also help to better align your back.
3. Yoga
Yoga can help to relieve back pain in several ways. Firstly, practicing yoga improves mindfulness and body awareness. The mindfulness involved in yoga allows pain sufferers to directly focus their conscious on the pain and provides a better connection to the body. Secondly, breathing techniques employed in yoga help to strengthen the diaphragm and employs the core muscles in the back to help relieve pain. Perhaps the most obvious reason to try yoga is that it has proven to relax muscle tension, soothing back pain.
4. Posture
Having good posture is the key to preventing back pain. Poor posture at work is the biggest contributor to back pain. Computer monitors should be directly in front of your face, about 50 cm away. Hands, wrists, and arms should be straight and rest comfortably on the desk in front of you. You can talk to the HR department at your office about improving ergonomics at work. 
5. Physiotherapy
Visiting a physiotherapist can greatly relieve back pain and help to prevent recurrences. Physiotherapy can help to improve posture and employs non-injury flaring movements. A physiotherapist can provide useful tips and information to increase flexibility and aid in body alignment. You can book a physiotherapist on our website so it's a very convenient way to ease back pain. 
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